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Local Pension Board

Flintshire County Council created a new Local Pension Board for the Clwyd Pension Fund as a result of national changes to the way public service pension schemes must be managed.The Local Board is in addition to the existing Pension Fund Committee (PFC).  The PFC will continue to have overall responsibility for running the Clwyd Pension Fund.  The role of the Local Board will be to oversee the management of the pension fund and, in particular, the work of the PFC.  The Local Board makes recommendations to the PFC to help improve the efficient and effective governance and administration of the Fund.  The Board is made up of four members; two scheme member representatives and two employer representatives.  It is chaired by an independent (and non-voting) pensions professional whose role will be to assist the appointed representatives with their duties.  

Local Board Members

Voting Rights

Independent Chair

Karen McWilliam


Employer Representatives

Mark Owen



Steve Jackson


Scheme Member Representatives

Gaynor Brooks



Jim Duffy


 Responsibilities of the Board

The role of the Pension Board is defined by regulation 106 (1) of the LGPS Regulations as to assist Flintshire County Council as Scheme Manager of the Clwyd Pension Fund:

  • to secure compliance with the LGPS Regulations and any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the Scheme, and requirements imposed in relation to the LGPS by the Pensions Regulator
  • to ensure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the LGPS by the Clwyd Pension Fund

The Council considers this to mean that the Pension Board is providing oversight of these matters and, accordingly, the Pension Board is not a decision making body in relation to the management of the Pension Fund but merely makes recommendations to assist in such management.   The Pension Fund’s management powers and responsibilities which have been, and may be, delegated by the Council to committees, sub-committees and officers of the Council, remain solely the powers and responsibilities of those committees, sub-committees and officers including but not limited to the setting and delivery of the Fund’s strategies, the allocation of the Fund’s assets and the appointment of contractors, advisors and fund managers.   The Pension Board operates independently of the Clwyd Pension Fund Committee.

You can also call Phil Latham, the Pension Fund Manager on 01352 702264 if you have any further questions.

Further informtion can be found in the documet below:

The Protocol for the new Pension Board

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